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The Interview Gallery -- 1

These interviews are available on YouTube. In most cases, we did not produce them. We are just sharing.

Interviews  -- Kurt Glaser, Hank Norris, Annie Grimes, Helen Gaither, Puzz Brightwell, William S. Hudson, Sr., Jack White

Kurt Glaser -- Holocaust Survivor

Kurt Glaser is a Holocaust survivor from Austria. He worked at Springfield Hospital and lived at Fairhaven. (Interview starts at the 27 second mark.)

Hank Norris -- Grew up in the old Schoohouse

Owen Hankie Norris spent the first 26 years of his life growing up in the old schoolhouse.

Annie Grimes & Polly Ely -- Springfield Nurses

Annie Grimes is a nurse who worked many years at Springfield Hospital near Sykesville.

Helen Gaither -- Member of the Harris Family

Helen Gaither was a schoolteacher, historian, and member of the prominent Harris family.

In this 2009 interview, Helen discusses family history with Ann Horvath.

Evelyn "Puzz" Brightwell -- On the great Main Street fire

Puzz Brightwell lived in an apartment above her father's pool hall on Main Street. In this 2009 interview with Ann Horvath she discusses the fire of 1937 that destroyed her house and much of Main Street.

William S. Hudson, Sr.

William S. Hudson, Sr. grew up in the White Rock area just outside Sykesville. He was born in 1922 and attended Sykesville's Old Colored Schoolhouse at the same time as Warren Dorsey. He is buried in the Cemetery aside the White Rock Church.

Springfield Doctors who Escaped the Nazis

This is a talk by Jack White about some of the German and Austrian Jews who escaped Hitler and came to Sykesville to work at Springfield hospital in the 1940s.

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