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It's difficult to provide samples of my best work. Every company I worked for considered their documentation proprietary. Also, most of my work was delivered within the software in help systems, or in some other electronic form, including large intranet sites, such as the customer service catalog I developed for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.


However, earlier in my career, I did a great deal of work for a company called FileTek that is no longer in business. I created the company's first website. I developed a system to convert all their documentation from FrameMaker to PDF, created a database to hold all the document metadata, and developed an ASP-based system to query the database and provide convenient access to the documents over the company intranet.

I also developed and wrote documents and created a CD-based interface to the documentation that enabled us to put all customer documentation on CD and distribute it.

It's this CD and all the documentation on it that I still have access to, and I'm sure it's fine to share some of that work. That is what I will share here.

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Science Writing

I am not a science writer, but I recently published a book that required a lot of scientific explanation to tell the story. It provides good examples of how I can research and explain complex technical information, in this case information about disease, biology, genetics, and DNA.

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I have a great deal of experience designing, building, and managing websites. Long ago I hand-coded HTML. I used Dreamweaver, when it was considered state-of-the-art, developed a community website in Joomla with my wife, and then migrated that site to WordPress.

I have had decent exposure to CSS, but I'm not a website developer in the sense of writing javascript or coding the backend. What I do best is conceptualize sites, help design them, and then build them, sometimes alone, sometimes with others.

I built the website you're looking at in Wix. Here is a link to a large site that I'm working on now. It's also done in Wix, but ties in two WordPress sites, creating a sort of hybrid site that appears to be one site, but is actually three.

It's a good example of my combined technical, design, and creative skills.

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Several years ago, I earned a certificate in Media Production from the Carroll County Media Center in Westminster, Maryland. This was a six-month program.

Since then I have continued to work with audio and video mostly relying on Adobe Premier. I have not made technical videos, but I'm including links to two of my videos here, as examples of my personality, style, and creative skills, as well as my ability to learn and master complex software and use it to tell stories.

Each of these videos is related to non-fiction books that I've written. I produced both in Adobe Premier with a little help from Photoshop.

Video 1

Video 2